What are the power and water requirements on site?

Providing (1-3)* 20 amp, 110-v circuits within 100' of the trailer location is necessary for full electricity function including hot water and air conditioning. Also water source access with 30-50 PSI with a standard garden hose fitting is required for continuous water for the trailer. 

What if my site doesn't have enough power or water for the trailer?

No worries! Island Restroom Suites offers generator rentals and most of our trailer units also have fresh water tanks that can be refilled on a schedule or at your own convenience when the tank is running low (this can be accomplished with a standard garden hose).

Are the units climate controlled?

All of our trailers are climate controlled, except for our traditional port-o-potty units.

What if I need a long term rental?

Once we have the details of the site and approximate length of the rental, we can provide a quote for your specific needs and would love to service your long term rental needs!


What is provided with my rental?

Every Island Restroom Suite is sanitized and fully stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, paper hand towels, tissues, trash bins and trash bags. Upon request, cleaning supplies, regular cleaning services, or professional attendants can also be arranged for an additional charge.